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When Should I Think About Fertilizing?

The Right Time to Fertilize

Question: When should I think about fertilizing my lawn? 

Answer: When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, timing is half the battle. With a standard Weed Man program, we fertilize the lawn multiple times per year (always at the right time and with the right amount of product!) for best results. However, we do not treat Springfield lawns with fertilizer in the bitter cold of winter, as this is not an effective method of treatment or the best use of our resources. This is because lawns are still dormant at this juncture of the season, and are generally not ready to absorb the nitrogen and other nutrients readily available in fertilizer products. Additionally, the melting snow and rain common at this time of year would cause the majority of the product to become diluted or flushed out. Once spring returns, our technicians begin fertilizing lawns to provide the grass plants with the boost they need to start growing season with a bang.  To ensure you are on our schedule in the spring and that your lawn is treated at the optimal time, book your lawn care program early by calling us at (413) 736-9333.
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