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The Four Stages Of Drought

Summer has arrived here in New England and over the Fourth of July weekend, we experienced some of the highest temperatures of the season with no significant rainfall.  What does this mean for our lawns? Brown spots! Our spring was so wet and cool that it has left our lawns with incredibly shallow root systems. We are seeing lawns go through the stages of heat and drought stress much more rapidly than normal. Let’s look at the stages... More

Diagnosing Dry Stress on the Lawn

During warm summer months, the blazing sun and lack of rainfall isn’t always what your lawn needs. Luckily, Weed Man has got you covered with tips for battling heat stress.... More

Backyard Projects to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Looking for New Ways to Have Fun in the Sun? Weed Man Springfield, MA Has Got You Covered.... More

Backyard Makeover on a Shoestring Budget

Seeing Summer Backyard Makeover Inspiration? Weed Man Has Got You Covered.... More

What’s Wrong with My Lawn?

Seeking Drought and Lawn Care Tips for Summer? Weed Man Has Got You Covered.... More

Weed or Seed?

Usually towards the end of May, beginning of June we start to see these seed heads, or little Christmas trees develop in our lawns. We get a lot of calls or emails asking what these are and can we treat them? The short answer is no. These “weeds” in your lawn are actually the grass producing a seed head. It’s a natural cycle that all plants go through and it is actually a good sign that your lawn is healthy and trying to reproduce.... More

Spending Memorial Day on the Lawn

For many homeowners this weekend also signifies the start of summer. The temperatures are climbing, the sun is out and your “Honey To-Do List” is growing. With the return of the outdoor season, your list of chores lengthens. The Memorial Day long weekend is a great time to get all your home project complete and in order. Use this homeowner’s Memorial Day checklist to get your outdoor space in tip-top shape!... More

How to Know If You Have Grubs in Your Lawn

Are you noticing unusual changes in your lawn? If your lawn appears unhealthy, has yellow patches, small holes or a disrupted root system, you may have a white grub infestation. Although small in size, these destructive pests can cause significant, costly damage to local lawns if no control methods are taken.... More

Red Thread in Springfield, MA

It has been a cool and wet spring so far and it has brought us an abundance of lawn diseases. The most common lawn disease of this spring is Red Thread. A cosmetic only disease, Red thread affects all of our cool season grasses here in New England and is seen when we experience cool temperatures with wet weather.... More

Cultural Practices to Keep Your Lawn Thriving

Here at Weed Man Springfield, MA, we believe that lawn care is a partnership. We work closely with homeowners to control weeds, fertilize, improve lawn health and diagnose problems. At the same time, we rely on our customers to follow good cultural practices to keep the lawn healthy. More specifically, proper watering and mowing will help you achieve better, quicker and more long-lasting results. Follow these guidelines when caring for your lawn.... More

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